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Your Growth And Wellness Is Our Priority

Verdure counseling provides mental health counseling services for couples, families, and individuals. We work collaboratively with our client to determine how to best assist you.

Our Mission

Each person is unique and at Verdure Counseling we seek to learn the uniqueness of each individual, to do this authenticity is essential. Being open with people we are close to can be difficult and even more so with a stranger. Knowing this we try to create an environment where you feel safe to be your authentic self.

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What Our Clients Are Saying


When I decided to start my healing journey a couple years ago, I did not expect to be at the elevated level I am now. The major influence to my growth and change is through the work with Glenisha Foreman. She has truly challenged me in ways I’ve undoubtably needed while nurturing and giving me encouragement to continue to raise my self-esteem. Within a few sessions, I was already building healthier habits and making more conscience decisions that affect my day to day life. For example, I now have a “Tool Box” of things to do to counteract any anxious thoughts or feelings that I can’t seem to shake. I’ve gained more confidence in my voice and actions within this past year than I’ve ever had. She always makes me feel so comfortable as if I’m spending time on the couch with a friend. Whether in person or virtual, Glenisha makes sure that the time and place meet my needs. Words cannot express how grateful I am and what a force she has been in my life.

I can’t recommend Glenisha Foreman, enough. My step-daughter moved in with her father and I, 3 years ago. She came from a stressful and toxic home life and had trouble transitioning with us. We immediately put her in therapy which helped but within a year or so later, I started to notice that the therapist was taking her down a path that not only wasn’t helpful but the therapist had stopped working on the issues at hand. In desperation, I quickly started looking for a new therapist and was lucky enough to come across Glenisha’s profile and learned about a new technique called EMDR Therapy. I quickly made the change and even though my step-daughter was hesitant to work with a new therapist, she quickly began to open up to Glenisha and the EMDR therapy. My step-daughter has done a 180 and continues to work through the things that have affected her and we owe it all to Glenisha and her persistence and dedication to helping her patients. Thank you, Glenisha Foreman, for all that you do!

Glenisha has been my counselor for over a year. She is always available when I need her.
During our sessions I always feel heard and understood. She’s great, I highly recommend her.

I absolutely love the counselor that I have and has been helping me SIGNIFICANTLY! I am so grateful and thankful and I wanted to give her boss a message in regards to her hard work and dedication!

Thank you so much Katherine is so AMAZING!